Integrated Marketing for Distinctive Events

We work exclusively in the B2B field, creating bespoke target-oriented concepts which integrate your event perfectly into the communication mix. Pure individuality is what leads to unique presentations which your clients, business partners and colleagues will remember for a long time afterwards.

Events are our Passion

This is why we pay great attention to dramaturgy and atmosphere when conceptualising your event. The first step is arranging an initial briefing with you and we take our time planning this. It's not just the facts that count – it's important for us to "feel our way" into your company before we start planning.

Only then can we begin to develop our ideas and concepts. When all the minute details about your company, product or event have been covered and agreed upon with you, the research and implementation can begin.

Our work results in exciting moments, fascinating experiences, glamorous highlights – in short, a successful event which people will always associate with your company, creating lasting enthusiasm among all involved.

'Reliability'… with a Capital 'R'

We are serious about this, in every aspect of our work.

Reliable services: We keep to our schedule and offer regular status updates on how far we have progressed in planning your event. In our correspondence with you, we also indicate opportunities which you can take advantage of to support your event within your company. This is where our years of business experience benefit us well.

Reliable budget planning: We base our quotations on realistic calculations. There are no hidden charges or extra payments to make after the event. The cost of your event and the agency fees are presented to you in a clear and understandable way. We always respect your budget.

C³ - Experienced. Creative. Reliable.